Atopic Dermatitis not going away?

Consider a Clinical Research Study. No health insurance needed.

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If you have been diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) for at least 2 years and your condition has not improved after receiving topical treatment(s), you may qualify for a clinical research study. Current treatments can have limitations, and might not deliver the results you expect.

Clinical research is an essential part of improving treatment and developing new medications. Learn more and potentially benefit from the development of new and advanced treatments. 

Who can participate?

  • Male or female age 18 years or older
  • Diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (AD) for at least 2 year
  • Documented recent history of inadequate response to topical treatments

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Qualified participants may receive monetary compensation for your time and travel and study-related treatment at no cost. Health Insurance not needed.

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